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Angel Wings

The best pictures of Angel Wings tattoo

If you want a very special design and something that really stands out from the crowd then why not get something that symbolizes protection as well and very humble spirituality, something like angel wings? They sometimes say that angels come to earth. They protect us and look after us. They have infinite love and healing and they don’t know the meaning of money because money does not exist in the spiritual world. They only understand abundance and everyone should have plenty of abundance in their life. Lots of food, money, friends and love. (Not necessarily in that order 🙂

From ancient times, within the bible and some famous paintings we see that the illustrators and painters expressed themselves with painting angels wings. Since them people have been dressing themselves in an angel wings costume and getting angel wings tattoos on their body.

As you know, we have lost the knowledge somewhere along the lines from ancient times to now. Because of the book burnings and all that kind of stuff there is so much we don’t know and we certainly do not know enough about beautiful angels.

The well loved tradition of using the angel’s wings remains and continues in these wonderful times. Every single angel has wings. Well this is what we believe anyway. Either way they have special powers and the wings may be a representation of this incredible powers from the unknown.

tattoo angel wings

tattoo angel wings on a beautiful girl in a pink and turqoise bikini on the beach.

This picture was taken by someone on flickr. I cannot find the exact page but I remember reading that he shoot this photo of the back and she had angel wings all over her front as well but she would not let him shoot the front. Either way she has a black case covering her left arm because she just got a new tattoo there and wanted to keep it from any kind of sun damage. Bless her soul.

angel wings costume

Here is a beautiful picture of a boy in an angel wings costume

Yes boys love dressing up in an angel wings costume. This amazing black and white photo really looks striking and out of this world. This model really puts himself out there in this outfit.

How to make angel wings

how to make angel wings

how to make angel wings

You might be asking yourself ‘how to make angel wings’ well let me tell you that all you need is some wire and a sheer material. Some elastics to strap it to your body and if want you can find it then some synthetic feathers will do.

angel wings tattoo designs

angel wings tattoo designs

Personally I find this photo a bit trashy. No offense, I am sure this girl is very smart and intelligent with a bright future ahead of her but lets look at the facts:

Why I think sitting on a toilet with your angel wings tattoo is slightly un-classy

1. She is sitting on a toilet.
2. She is giving you that come hither look in a sultry way
3. Really? Common I mean she is squatting in the bathroom
4. Do I really have to make a list about this?

Anyway she may be pretty and this is a very nice photo but the whole leaning against a urinal thing really puts me off. If you want an angel wings tattoo designs then there you have it.

black angel wings

black angel wings

Here are some black angel wings tattooed on a girl’s back. She obviously loves it. Sometimes i find people want to have these angel tattoos because they feel like an angel and I respect that. Especially the amazing photography which is great for when you want to take photos of black angel wings.

angel wings pictures

angel wings pictures

Are these enough angel wings pictures for you? I have a lot more coming. Sometimes you have to ask yourself what this tattoo says about you. Are you just in love with angels? Or do you seek the constant protection and healing powers which they represent? People usually get tattoos because they want to take their feelings from the exterior and bring them out into the outside physical form. This makes the expression a lot more powerful then just keeping it in your head.

Whatever you choose to do. Make sure it is a design that is right for you and your style. Think of what you like and dislike and work with that.

angel wings tattoo

angel wings tattoo

When you do get your angel wings tattoo then make sure it suits you. Then after you finish applying polysporin and keeping it out of the sun it should have healed properly.

Once it looks completely healed it is time to take some photos. If you have a friend that is a photographer that that will be an extra bonus for you as well as for them. They can build up their portfolio if they are into fashion photography. Either way you need photos so you can look back on them when you are older and see how beautiful you really were. I am sure you are amazingly gorgeous now but we humans never really realise how good we actually looked until we are older. This is why photo are important.

When getting the design tattoos on ones back, some people just stick with the wings and don’t bother with the actual angel’s body. They come in all different shapes and sizes and it is something you will have forever as well as remember for the rest of your days. Both men and women love getting these types of things. It would help if you had an artist friend would can get you some real artist wings!

Let’ s face the truth everyone. Angel wings tattoos really demonstrate that no matter what, it seems that the most notorious part of an angel tattoo is the actual wings themselves..