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Incredible Butterfly Tattoo Designs

What is so special about butterfly tattoo designs?

The beautiful thing about a butterfly tattoo is that butterflies starts their life as a small round oval shaped egg, if you look really close to this egg, you can actually see a tiny caterpillar growing inside of it. These eggs are usually located on the leaves of plants. When these tiny little eggs finally hatch a caterpillar is born. Funnily enough, often the first thing a caterpillar does is eat the leaf it was born on.

In fact caterpillars don’t stay caterpillars for long; they are characterized mostly by the fact that they spend most of their time eating. Interestingly, caterpillars actually grow by shedding their own skins.

Before you go out and get a butterfly tattoo you should first know that the next stage of a butterflies life is perhaps the most interesting? The Caterpillar becomes a Pupa (Chrysalis) which from the outside basically looks like caterpillar resting, however, on the inside Pupa is rapidly changing. A process called metamorphosis take place and the Caterpillar come Pupa grows wings amongst other things and becomes an adult Butterfly.

There are few animals that undergo such remarkable transformations.

So why do people choose a Butterfly Tattoo?

Many people will choose a butterfly tattoo simply because they are a beautiful animal and they make great looking tattoos. Others choose Butterfly designs because of a deeper and more personal significance; this is on account of the fact that the Butterfly represents a different significance amongst many different cultures. For example:

1. Native Americans believe that the butterfly signifies guidance in change. It is for this reason that it can symbolize a type of guardian and bright light in turbulent times.

2. The Japan the Butterfly can symbolize the coming of age of a beautiful young women.

3. The Greeks thought humans souls were born each time a Butterfly emerged from a cocoon.

4. In China, it is thought that a Butterfly can bring marital bliss / happiness

5. Christians around the world believe that Butterflies symbolize souls that have left the human body and are on there way to another place.

For the people who don t believe in souls, it is easy to see how a Butterfly can symbolize some kind of transformation. After all, a butterfly goes from being an egg to a caterpillar, to a pupa and then to a beautiful and elegant animal of flight. It is not difficult to imagine how many people can associate this natural process with there own lives which is exactly why they would get a butterfly tattoo.

When looking for tattoos this is how to find the perfect butterfly tattoo design?

There are many ways to go about doing the necessary research to find the perfect design for your own butterfly tattoo. Online seems to be a very good pace to start. There are websites that offer numerous butterfly tattoo design options after what is a relative short research time.

butterfly tattoo meaning on back tattoo

Butterfly tattoo meaning all along the spine for a nice back tattoo

If you have friends that have great tattoos? It is often a good idea to get a referral from them. Other tattoo lovers are often the best way to locate talented tattoo artists. Simply check through a highly recommended tattoo artist’s portfolio of work to see if you can locate that special butterfly tattoo design that you have been looking for everywhere.

Finally, if you are trying to find a really unique design on account of the fact that you don’t want to copy somebody else’s butterfly tattoo then I recommend thoroughly researching the subject matter.

Maybe you are thinking of getting a butterfly tattoo on the back of your neck? If you like butterflies then you will surely love an angel wings tattoo.

You will need to go out there and learn everything you can about butterflies and use this information to come up with your own unique and personal butterfly tattoo design.