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More then just a tattoo studio with the best tattoos

When walking into a tattoo studio, you need to know what to look for exactly. Keep in mind that when it comes to tattoos, there are so many factors to look out for including the artist portfolio details and cleanliness. Don’t just look at the tattoo design, actually look deeper at the straight lines and depth. The tattoos done at a tattoo studio is not meant to be raised. If it is then your skin is getting damaged too much. When it heals, it should heal flat not bumpy.

How to choose the right tattoo studio?

1. Ensure you feel important and valued as a client. In the saturated market place that is tattooing studios there is absolutely no reason to tolerate anything but the best service. You should be able to ask as many questions as you like. The studio should be willing to answer these questions. If this is not the case? You are in the wrong tattooing studio!

2. In the tattoo studio, check the artist’s portfolio of work. You should be able to see examples of past works, if not, you are NOT in the right place. When viewing past works, check that the outlines are clean, straight and of a consistent thickness it is also worth checking that color tattoos are filled in adequately and have zero spotty areas.

3. Research thoroughly and use the internet. These days it is so easy to Google something and find out huge amounts of information quickly. This is exactly how you should research the tattoo studios in your city or State. Ask friends for referrals and do not be rushed into making a decision.

4. Hygiene is critical. If you are having doubts about the cleanliness and professionalism of the tattooing facility, then you need to walk back out the door. Make sure the venue uses disposable equipment such as razors, tattooing needles and ink pots. Tattoo Studios these days should have the look and feel not too dissimilar to a hospital or a dentist.

Why choose a tattoo studio carefully? It is not all just about the best tattoo design.

When getting a tattoo it is important to remember that you will have it for your entire LIFE. In a market place where tattooing has become very common and popular it has unfortunately become more common also for people to have a bad tattooing experiences. Sad but true.

Spending the rest of your days regretting a tattoo is not advisable, so it is critical that you are 100% comfortable before you go ahead with getting your own ink done. When it comes to choosing a tattoo studio, it really depends on your style what kind you are going to get.

Some people think a bad decision could say a lot about you. The location of your tattoo is critical. For example if you get it on you face, head or forearms, some people assume you will never get a job that pays taxes. If you have it on your neck then some assume you cost taxes because you have been to jail. Lower back? Yes that is sexy, let’s go out for a drink. Watch out for the tummy area, these types of tattoos tend to be 500% times more humiliating then normal. You might also go to a tattoo studio to get a butterfly tattoo on your ankles or feet if you love being a little princess. All this is good and dandy but think about it and talk it over with the artists at the tattoo studio to see how they feel about it while looking at you and your style.

The potential health risks that can arise from a poor choice of tattoo studio is also well worth consideration. Did you know that one in five people have Hepatitis? This means that if the hygienic practices are not up to standard? You have a 20% chance of getting it! Makes you think twice doesn’t it?

How do I recognize good hygiene standards in a tattoo studio?

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A photo of Aubrey O'Day getting a tattoo from tattoo artist 'Friday Jones'. This particular photo was taken on Fifth Avenue where artist Friday Jones is located. This is the best tattoo Studio at Senses NY Salon & Spa in NYC, USA.

The best tattoo studio is just the best for you.

It is wise make Hygiene a top consideration when choosing a tattoo studio for your tattooing experience.

It is strongly advisable to go along the tattoo studio and watch your prospective artist at work.

Some important key things to look out for are:

1. Whenever possible, disposable equipment should be used at the tattoo studio. For example, if the skin needs to be shaved, a disposable razor should be used. Tattoo needles are also often disposable, and the ink pots which hold the ink for each session should be used only once. If your tattoo studio does not do this then walk out the door… then run.

2. Look around the tattoo studio and check that all instruments which come in contact with body fluids are disposed of separately from other garbage in clearly marked bio-hazard bins. This indicates proper hygiene procedures.

3. All multiple-use instruments should be placed in an ultrasonic cleanser at least once before being wrapped in sterile cloth and sterilized in an autoclave. The instruments should not be unwrapped until they are about to be used, you will clearly see this happening in a tattoo studio if proper hygiene procedures are followed.

4. The larger instruments such as the tattoo machine, instruments trays along with counter tops and clients chair must be disinfected between each session. This is also standard practice at a tattoo studo.

Most importantly don’t feel pressured into getting something you don’t want to. Sometimes a tattoo artist can draw something on your body with a marker and you can go home and think about it for a few days. This is not something you do without thinking about for a long time, especially because you will have it for the rest of your days, and something that you love at 17 you may not love so much anymore at 27 years of age. Bottom line is leave the tattoo studio if it it does not feels 100% right for you.

Thinking of getting a neck tattoo or angel wings? Make sure you are certain you want the tattoo studio to design those properly because you will have it for every.